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As the video explains, Growth Factors are natural signals your body produces to maintain hair growth. There are several herbal extracts and artificial chemicals that partially mimic growth factors but none gave significant hair growth results in testing.

Nanogen's breakthrough was to use technology only previously found in cutting edge regenerative medicine – harnessing actual Growth Factors.

Patented Nanogen Growth Factors are identical to the body’s natural hair growth factors. This is important as they are very potent, work just as well for men & women, and there are no side effects or allergic reactions.

Clinically Proven

A trial with 200 men found:

  • 86% said their hair was thicker after just one wash.
  • 90% said the Serum improves hair thickness and strength
  • 91% of Minoxidil users said the Serum improves scalp comfort

Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum was independently blind tested against 5% Minoxidil.

Safe & EU Approved

Rather than extract Hair Growth Factors from human cells which is unethical and could be dangerous, Nanogen derive them from plants in a unique patented process. This means there are:

  • No Prion Proteins (like those that cause BSE or CJD).
  • No Cytotoxins (which can cause side effects and allergic reactions)
  • No Proteases (which break down Growth Factors, making them useless)
Every product is also independently dermatologically tested so Nanogen Hair Growth Factors are uniquely safe and ethical.