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Hair Loss in Men

Hair fall has become a common with every individual which dermatologists claim as a natural process that leads to the growth of new hair in the place of the fallen ones. Though it sounds to be convincing, many have the trouble of losing volumes of hair that may not be taken as something usual. Hair loss affects men only over the age of 50, but unfortunately it is prevailing with almost every one under all age groups. The main causes of hair fall includes more drying or blowing of hair, incessant combing, stress in the way of life and many such factors. With this never decreasing problem, which men face in common, Nanogen comes with perfect hair fall treatments that gives you the right solutions to resolve “above the head” issues.

Hair fall in men occurs due to:

  • Shrinkage of hair follicles - As this occurs, a person is more prone to lose hair that result in baldness. The hair becomes short and the follicle is at the likelihood to grow new hair else remain dormant.
  • Hereditary – It affects both men and women with hair loss due to the genetic factor that is inherited. While women have lesser effects, it predominantly affects men resulting in baldness.
  • Hormonal disposition – The genetic nature of the male sex hormones are considered to be one of the key factors that causes hair loss along with receding hairline.

With these types of hair fall problems which men face generally, Nanogen has put its entire research findings into a range of products that helps to reduce the loss of head strands. The hair regrowth factor serum, thickening shampoo and keratin fibers have achieved its best results in treating the hair loss in men. Forget the typical treatment processes which cost you more but leaves with no better progress. Your hair regrowth is assured with Nanogen that offers you more than what you need!!




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Hair has a natural cycle controlled by signals from the scalp and elsewhere in the body. Almost as soon as a hair dies, another one starts growing from the oval of stem cells at the base, called the dermal papilla.

The growing phase of a hair is called Anagen. Early Anagen starts with the first emergence of the new hair which pushes the old one out. Anagen continues, and the hair keeps growing for up to 6 years.


Catagen is the dying phase that follows Anagen. In Catagen, hair growth stops and parts of the hair follicle are broken down as the hair shaft detaches from the dermal papilla stem cells. This phases lasts up to 6 weeks.

The hair then enters Telogen, a resting phase which lasts between 3 and 6 months. As the hair is no longer attached and cannot be repaired, it loses condition and can appear dull.

Thinning Hair
For some people, this process continues exactly the same for their entire lives. But for many of us it changes as we go through certain stages in life, resulting in thinning hair.

The hair goes through each stage of the cycle as normal, but the Anagen phase is shorter each time. This means that your hair starts to grow more slowly, and won’t grow as long. Each cycle it gets weaker, shorter and less coloured until it looks like “peach fuzz” and can barely be seen. Although the follicle is not dead, it can barely produce any hair at all.