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The Technology Behind Hair Fibres


The Triboelectric Series

Every object is either positively charged or negatively charged when touched with another material. The type of material used determines whether a charge is going to be positive or negative and surprisingly similar materials can have different charges e.g. wood being slightly negative but when processed into paper, it is positive.


What Charge is my Hair?

It would be too simple to say that your hair is either positively or negatively charged. Some areas of the hair shaft are positive but other areas are negative (confused yet?) You may already know, but the outside of the hair is made up of little ‘plates’, the edges of which are negatively charged. Popular hair care brands have conditioners which contain cationic (negative charge-seeking) molecules designed to stick to these hair plate edges. With different areas of your hair having a different charge, either a positive or a negative fibre could bind to your hair. The difference between fibres should be measured by the charge strength or magnitude, plus whether it is dipolar or not – both of which we, at Nanogen, focus on.


Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres

Our patent pending coating on our Nanogen fibres changes the keratin to create a dipolar charge meaning that one end is positive and the other negative. This means that no matter where the hair fibre falls on the hair, it will stick. This unique coating means the fibres will bind perfectly every single time. If the hair fibre charge was to exactly match the charge of your hair it could bind flat therefore adding hardly any thickness. When using Nanogen however, one end of the fibre will always repel so will stand perpendicular to the hair (imagine the needles on a Christmas tree), giving instant thickness.