Hair Thickening & Hair Growth Products along with world famous Nanogen Natural Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres
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Nanogen is successful with its hair research and has come out with distinctive products range that solves several alopecia and thin hair issues. It believes in science and the impact it can have with your hair (re)growth. The research center encompasses professional expertise who brings out the sparks of mind into real-time products. These products have never faded away in the technological aspect, delivering edge cutting solutions to treat various hair defects. Hair fall is a result of unbalanced hair growth cycle. Nanogen incorporates four major factors such as active conditioners, hair nutrition, hair growth factors and electrostatics into its products range that helps in improving the hair growth.


Hair loss has become common with the present generation. Both men and women undergo this issue but it creates varying impacts among them. Just a general solution for both the individuals will never address hair issues to its fullest. Hence Nanogen comes with its perfect hair treatment products for men and women in separate that works the magic to intensify your hair with no more hair falling.

Nanogen products range includes:

Thickening Treatment Shampoo

Get the hair thickening right from first wash. The shampoo works with unique combination of redensifying amino acids and purifying salicylic acid to give your hair a denser feel.

Thickening Treatment Conditioner

Restores the shine and leaves your hair soft. Keratin proteins and hair vitamins enrich your hair and offer the strength to evade hair thinning and hair fall.

Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum

Shields hair follicles from free radical damage with antioxidant superoxide dismutase and moisturising hyaluronic acid. It also helps to maintain the natural balance of hair growth cycle.

Keratin Hair Thickening Fibres

Get instant hair thickening with electrostatic hair building fibres that adhere to your hair and to give you the natural look and feel. They are available in different shades that help you to choose one that suits your hair color.

Hair Fibre Locking Spray

Locks the Nanogen fibres in its place and is shows resistance to water, wind and air with waterproofing styling polymers and color protection UV filters that add natural shine to your hair.


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